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What is Pixel Advertising?

Already, many reports have declared this to be the ADVERTISING PHENOMENON OF THE DECADE.
Pixel  advertising is now one of the hottest ways to advertise your website for the fraction of cost of other advertising methods. Pixels are purchased in blocks of 100 pixels. One block cost only $5.00. There is no limit in the number of pixels/blocks you wish to buy.
Effectively creating a virtual billboard, pixel blocks then display the advertiser's picture or text of choice and link back to their own website. No longer relegated to banner ads or link farms, advertisers now have the pixel page to offer unique art and permanent (10 years Guaranteed) advertising space. Your Ad on our Pixel Ad Board becomes a part of visual and permanent Web Directory.

Is this for real?

Yes it is! It actually provides a win-win situation for pixel buyers and us. When you purchase pixels, you are helping us get a boost and get on top of things. In return, this site gives you clicks to your site. Considering our strong search engine presence, your site should get lots of clicks - and the biggest bang for your buck. REMEMBER - your Ad will be online for at least 10 years GUARANTEED!

How did you come up with this idea?

This site was inspired by Alex Tew's very creative "Million Dollar Homepage". After seeing his success we thought of creative ways to create an enhanced version of his site - and provide a service for those who were not able to afford his already sold-out high priced pixels.

Why should I buy your pixels?

What's in it for you? When you buy pixels from MILLIONPIXELSSALE.COM you are investing in a web site that could get a ton of traffic from links on other sites and all major search engine exposure. Having your pixel ad on the premium pages, that means a lot of traffic to your site for years to come - at a very low cost. More traffic could mean more sales for you. You might simply want to buy pixels for your loved ones, your pet, to spread a political message, find the love of your life, etc. The possibilities are endless!

How long will you keep this site online?

We will keep the site online for 10 years guaranteed [until April 2016] however the aim is to keep the site online forever (or as long as humanly possible).

How long will it be before my image is added?

This site is completely automated to allow instant selection of your pixels, and accepts payment through PayPal. (Coming soon 2Checkout Systems). Immediately after your request is submitted we will send you a confirmation email. Once your payment is confirmed, your image and link will be permanently added to the site. Is that easy!

Can I advertise adult sites on

No. This site is open to all business ventures in fairly equal measure. Our aim will be to ensure that the site is generally safe and clean. Advertise your business or cause here but keep it in good taste.

Can I Get a Refund?

After a pixel ad has been paid for and is placed on the MILLIONPIXELSSALE.COM site, there are no refunds. All pixel sales are final.

Who makes the ad? Are there programs to make an image if I don't have one or need to make a smaller one?

All recent Windows operating systems have a program called Paint installed. Just open Paint and shrink the canvas down to the right size, 10 X 10 or 20 X 20 or 30 X 30 etc. You will see the numbers change in the lower right hand corner. You can draw or type whatever you like in the box with Paint. Save this image to the desktop. This image can be selected when you are in your control panel  for upload. You can also take an exiting image and make it smaller in this program. Always save the image as a GIF or JPG. Go to file select "save as" and under "Save as type" choose GIF or JPEG.

You can also
resize images at free Online Image Resizer.
If you do not think you have a good pixel ad or logo you can contact us and for an additional $30 fee we will create an ad that suits you best. So the only thing you need to worry about is what blocks to choose… we’ll take care of the rest. Most of all, be creative and have fun with it. Happy Advertising!

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