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When you purchase a "" pixel ad you do not own any part of this site. You have the right to have your image included on the site for 10 years and it will be added to the page you selected in the space you paid for.
We will keep the site online for 10 years guaranteed [until April 2016] however the aim is to keep the site online forever (or as long as humanly possible).

You can change your image, url and description after you have submitted them but all changes must be approved by admin first. If you want an image changed, it must be the exact size you have now. Example, if you have a 10x10 image now you can only replace it with a 10x10 pixel image.

No refunds are available once your image and link are accepted and published on this site.

We do not accept obscene, offensive, adult, or hate based images or links, This is in the sole discretion of the owners of the site. If you submit an image or link that we reject, we will give you the opportunity to provide a new image and link. Your failure to do this will result in your money being refunded and you will lose your pixel ad space.

If you would like your link and image removed from this site, for any reason, and you do not wish to replace it, we will do that for you, but your space will become available to the public again and you will not receive a refund.

Images must be the exact size you have paid for (e.g. 100 pixels = 10x10 pixels).

Images must be in GIF or JPEG format, and no more than 20k in weight.

Images must be static, not animated. Animations would only cause distraction.

You must either own the image or have the authority or permission of the owner to provide it for inclusion on this site.

Payments must be fully received and cleared before your pixel ads go live on this site. Normally this will occur in 48 hours, but if you pay by e-check or certified bank check, you will need to wait until your e-check clears.

If you need assistance with image creation, please contact us. With orders over $200.00 your image creation is free.


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